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CBD Öl High Grade Full Spectrum

CBD Öl High Grade Full Spectrum

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20% / 30% full-spectrum CBD cannabis oil from our own organic cultivation and high-quality organic olive oil as a carrier in a 20 ml gas bottle with pipette.

Our oils are produced gently and naturally with high quality standards. The fundamental difference to other commercially available CBD drops is that our products contain the full spectrum of the plant, rather than just being extracts with a carrier. Its incomparable advantage is that not only the active ingredient CBD, but also numerous other valuable cannabinoids and ingredients of the plant are preserved and contribute to their effect.


 ✓ is free from synthetic ingredients
 ✓ has an analgesic effect and 
 ✓ anti-inflammatory
 ✓ protects the nerves (RLS, polyneuropathy)
 ✓ relaxes the muscles
 ✓ promotes sleep
 ✓ has an anxiolytic effect
 ✓ promotes digestion

 ✓ offers the highest quality 

Shake well before use. Store cool and dry. Keep out of the reach of children. 

No sale under the age of 18. 


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All our HHC products are 100% without THC! Intended for adults only. These products are sold on condition that they not against applicable laws in the country be used.
None of the products on our website, includingCBD products, is intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.
Delivery only18 years possible and for Pregnant women prohibited We assume no liability for damage and improper handling. Our HHC products are for scientific purposes only.
Distribution and sales in EU.

Doesn't fall under thisSMG/BTMG&GNPSG